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Real Estate


For over a decade, OCG Group maintains a strong Real Estate presence worldwide. Historically, the Group’s Real Estate investment has concentrated on both acquisitions of yielding assets as well as development of new properties.

The Group’s success relies not only on its highly quantitative approach, but also on its expertise in Real Estate management.

Partnering with leading local developers and prominent Real Estate operators in each country, the Group has succeeded in leveraging its global approach to Real Estate investing in unique and specific markets such as Japan, China, Argentina, Germany, Greece and Eastern Europe.

Be it in direct purchases of assets or through financial investments in other Real Estate developers, the Group maintains its pursuit of lucrative returns in growing economies through careful choices of trophy properties and projects.


Capital Markets

OCG Group and its team of investment professionals have advised, generated and structured numerous equity, debt and hybrid investments in both private and listed companies.

The team is familiar and comfortable with structuring minor investments ($5-$10M) as well as sizable investments ($50M-$100M).

The Group’s investors usually acquire minority positions, ideally below 15% of the outstanding shares, but will also consider bigger positions, based on the unique circumstances and capital requirements of each investee.



OCG Group constantly seeks good technology investments (including early stage) to introduce to its portfolio companies for partnerships or as stand-alone investments.


The Group maintains strong network of relationships with investment professionals to generate access to premium deal flow mainly in the U.S. and Israel.


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